UI / Front End – Sketch, Zeplin, Slim, Modular CSS with Sass, Flexbox

So there’s this guy who’s learning to code, Robert and me had remote mentorship from an awesome senior dev, Emile who introduced some great tools and technologies to us.


Sketch is a Mac app that’s similar to Photoshop Illustrator but even better for UI design.


Export Sketch designs into Zeplin and grab CSS values from this web app, great for collaboration with team members.


It’s like Haml but slimmer (lol). Slim reduces the syntax that you would usually write in full-form HTML.

Modular CSS with Sass (taken from Emile’s lesson plan)

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Interactive Content

I came across these amazing interactive content created with javascript. Right now content is predominately articles with pictures and infographics. Content will probably evolve to become more dynamic and interactive in the future to educate, engage and entertain its audience on a deeper level.

What if a book didn’t just give you old facts, but gave you the tools to discover those ideas for yourself, and invent new ideas? What if, while reading a blog post, you could insert your own knowledge, challenge the author’s assumptions, and build things the author never even thought of… all inside the blog post itself?

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TechLadies Bootcamp Completed!

I’m so relieved that I’ve completed the TechLadies Bootcamp, it was hard work coding 15 to 20 hours a week after work and on weekends. It was such a great experience, the programme was really well organised. Our mentor Grzegorz was super awesome, even meeting us after work to help us solve problems we faced in our tasks. We had really a really good UX designer, Gia who did the wireframes. We collaborated well with the non-profit. Best of all, my teammates Clara and Chelsia were so hardworking and fun to work with! Check out the TOUCH Young Arrows web application.

TechLadies Bootcamp

I’m currently participating in the TechLadies Bootcamp, a 10-week part-time accelerated Ruby on Rails program. We’ve been working in a team of three, and we have a mentor who’s a professional Ruby on Rails developer. We’re building a web application for a non-profit organisation, TOUCH Young Arrows. It’s a client and event management web app that volunteers can use on-the-go to keep track of information.

I’ve been busy with all that work involved in building the app. We’ve an experienced UI/UX designer who did fantastic wireframes. Our mentor guided us in the right direction by breaking down the work we need to do in more manageable tasks. He also guided us to solve the many problems that we’ve been stuck on.

So far we’ve about 10 models in the application, and most pages seem to be up. There’s a lot more details to be implemented though. It’s quite scary that we’ve only 6 more weeks to finish this app!

Little BlueBird Micropost – My First Web App

I’ve completed Michael Hartl’s Ruby on Rails Tutorial and here’s my first web app, Little BlueBird. It’s a twitter clone built with

  • Registration & authentication systems, including validation and secure passwords
  • Account activation & password reset, emails are sent with Rails
  • The option to update, display, and delete users
  • Image upload using a cloud storage service
  • Microblogging & social feature of following other users


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Ruby on Rails – Signup, Login, Logout

Chapter 7 & 8 of Michael Hartl’s Ruby on Rails Tutorial weren’t a lot more difficult than the earlier chapters but I cross my fingers every time I run bundle exec rake test. I failed more tests in these chapters than the earlier ones. My soon-to-be Twitter clone now has a functioning (and bug-free) signup and login, logout page. I realised that things you take for granted on a website, it takes some time to learn to build and test.
Almost there.. I’m on Chapter 10, just three chapters left. Will blog about it when I’m done with the book. After this I might go through this book again and then create simple apps for practice.

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