UI / Front End – Sketch, Zeplin, Slim, Modular CSS with Sass, Flexbox

So there’s this guy who’s learning to code, Robert and me had remote mentorship from an awesome senior dev, Emile who introduced some great tools and technologies to us.


Sketch is a Mac app that’s similar to Photoshop Illustrator but even better for UI design.


Export Sketch designs into Zeplin and grab CSS values from this web app, great for collaboration with team members.


It’s like Haml but slimmer (lol). Slim reduces the syntax that you would usually write in full-form HTML.

Modular CSS with Sass (taken from Emile’s lesson plan)


It’s an efficient way to lay out and align webpages, great for responsive pages. Less CSS margins, more Flexbox.

Update: there’s now CSS Grid which helps too.

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