TechLadies Bootcamp

I’m currently participating in the TechLadies Bootcamp, a 10-week part-time accelerated Ruby on Rails program. We’ve been working in a team of three, and we have a mentor who’s a professional Ruby on Rails developer. We’re building a web application for a non-profit organisation, TOUCH Young Arrows. It’s a client and event management web app that volunteers can use on-the-go to keep track of information.

I’ve been busy with all that work involved in building the app. We’ve an experienced UI/UX designer who did fantastic wireframes. Our mentor guided us in the right direction by breaking down the work we need to do in more manageable tasks. He also guided us to solve the many problems that we’ve been stuck on.

So far we’ve about 10 models in the application, and most pages seem to be up. There’s a lot more details to be implemented though. It’s quite scary that we’ve only 6 more weeks to finish this app!

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