Ruby on Rails – Signup, Login, Logout

Chapter 7 & 8 of Michael Hartl’s Ruby on Rails Tutorial weren’t a lot more difficult than the earlier chapters but I cross my fingers every time I run bundle exec rake test. I failed more tests in these chapters than the earlier ones. My soon-to-be Twitter clone now has a functioning (and bug-free) signup and login, logout page. I realised that things you take for granted on a website, it takes some time to learn to build and test.
Almost there.. I’m on Chapter 10, just three chapters left. Will blog about it when I’m done with the book. After this I might go through this book again and then create simple apps for practice.

Also, I don’t do the tutorial for an hour in the morning anymore, I tend to forget where I last left off and had to spend time revisiting. Coding in blocks of 5 hours is more productive, I can finish a chapter in a day and see the big picture much more clearly.
Chapter 7: Sign up
Showing users
Debug & Rails environments
Add Gravatar image & sidebar
Signup form
Strong parameters
Test for invalid submission
Test for valid submission
Professional-grade deployment
SSL in production
Chapter 8: Log in, log out
Sessions controller
Login form
Finding & authenticating user
Rendering with flash message & test
The log_in method
Current user
Change &  test layout links
Login upon signup
Log out
Remember token and digest
Login with remembering
Forget users

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