Little BlueBird Micropost – My First Web App

I’ve completed Michael Hartl’s Ruby on Rails Tutorial and here’s my first web app, Little BlueBird. It’s a twitter clone built with

  • Registration & authentication systems, including validation and secure passwords
  • Account activation & password reset, emails are sent with Rails
  • The option to update, display, and delete users
  • Image upload using a cloud storage service
  • Microblogging & social feature of following other users


Things that I’ve learnt building this app: Ruby, Rails, HTML & CSS, databases, version control, testing, and deployment.

Chapter 10 & 11 were the most difficult for me. Failed tests taught me how to read logs, look on Stack Overflow and analyse what went wrong. There’s always a logical solution so I try again until things work.

Chapter 9: Users – update, show, delete
Edit form for updating users
Testing unsuccessful edits
Successful edits with TDD
Requiring users to be logged-in
Requiring the right user
Show all users in index
Generate sample users
Users index test
Partial refactoring
Deleting users
Administrative users
The destroy action
User destroy tests
Chapter 10: Account activation, password reset
Account activations resource
Account activation mailer method
Activation test, refactoring
Password resets resource
Password resets controller and form
Password reset mailer method
Password reset test
Email in production
Chapter 11: Microposts
Basic micropost model
Micropost validations
User/Micropost associations
Micropost refinements
Show microposts
Render microposts
Generate sample microposts
Profile micropost tests
Manipulating microposts
Micropost access control
Create microposts
A proto-feed
Destroy microposts
Micropost tests
Micropost images
Image upload
Image validation
Image resizing
Image upload in production
Chapter 12: Following users
The Relationship model
User/relationship associations
Relationship validations
Followed users
Interface for following users
Generate sample following data
Following and followers pages
Standard follow button
Follow button with Ajax
Following tests
Status feed
First feed implementation

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