JavaScript and JQuery: Interactive Front-End Web Development Book by Jon Duckett 

I’ve read Jon Duckett’s Javascript and JQuery book and worked through the examples. The book is beautiful, glossy and colourful. There were diagrams to explain concepts like looping and flowcharts to explain scripts. It’s great for visual learners!

Only cons were that the book fell apart easily (poor binding) and there were some mistakes in the code published. I enjoyed this book nonetheless and wished more programming books were styled like this. Here’s what I learnt:

Basic JavaScript Instructions
Functions, Methods, & Objects
Decisions & Loops
Document Object Model
Ajax & JSON
Error Handling & Debugging
Content Panels
Filtering and Sorting
Form Enhancement & Validation

Here’s my notes on Also, I applied what I learnt in the book to code a simple SERP preview script. Trying to make it look good, will publish that in the next blogpost.

I’m learning the Ruby language next, then on to more Rails. Would like to complete Eloquent Javascript when I’ve the time, the projects in that book look interesting! I feel that I don’t know JQuery well enough yet too, that’s one more thing to work on.

Here’s my updated projects page with what I’ve been up to.

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