freeCodeCamp Algorithms

I’ve finally completed 37 freeCodeCamp basic and intermediate algorithms. Initially I didn’t like solving algorithms as much as writing code and building something that I can see. However algorithmic reasoning skills helps a ton when building apps.

I was stuck when I got to intermediate algorithms so I read Eloquent JavaScript and did some Treehouse tutorials. When I got back to it, I managed to solve them a lot more easily and really got in the flow.

There’s still advanced algorithms to complete, I hope to practice and more practice. Although I hope that I don’t ever have to solve algorithms on a whiteboard. It was stressful trying to solve Ruby algorithms at TechLadies in the presence of our mentor. I probably like take home algorithm assignments better 🙂

Things I learnt

  • Learning how to solve algorithms is very important in programming.
  • Take a little break when you’re stuck at a problem, the answer may come to you soon after.
  • Ask for help, and google for JavaScript methods.
  • Talk to someone to see the problem from a different perspective.
  • There’s so many different and creative ways to solve an algorithm problem.
  • It’s not exactly innate ability but practice that makes you good at maths / algorithms like what this guy said.

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