Interactive Content

I came across these amazing interactive content created with javascript. Right now content is predominately articles with pictures and infographics. Content will probably evolve to become more dynamic and interactive in the future to educate, engage and entertain its audience on a deeper level.

What if a book didn’t just give you old facts, but gave you the tools to discover those ideas for yourself, and invent new ideas? What if, while reading a blog post, you could insert your own knowledge, challenge the author’s assumptions, and build things the author never even thought of… all inside the blog post itself?

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Lonely Planet & Travel Content Marketing

Travel organisations like Singapore Airlines and Japan National Tourism have partnered with Lonely Planet to create digital content. They’re beautiful and invokes wanderlust.

Singapore Airlines
Content: Adventures Ahead Calendar
Case study

Japan National Tourism
Video Content: Japan Revealed (Food & Drink)
Case study

I was inspired by Singapore Airlines’ content and decided to craft a Public Holidays Calendar 2017 for my travel blog.