Learning the JavaScript Stack

It seems like JavaScript is the way forward – React, Angular, Node.js, and so on, these frameworks/libraries are so important now. I recently embarked on my journey to learn the JavaScript stack.

Here’s my journey so far..

I did pick React over Angular, but it seems like Angular 1 is taught at the programme so I’ll be learning it. I quite worry about spreading myself thin learning too many frameworks instead of being good at one. But I promise to focus on one soon enough, when I know where I’ll be at.

NodeBots Workshop @ NodeGirls Sydney

Rhys and I attended a NodeBots workshop organised by NodeGirls and led by Will Mendes. We wrote JavaScript running on Node to program an Arduino board. Things like making a buzzer sound and lighting some LEDs.

Attempted to make a Simon Board game with the board but we didn’t get far. Nodebots – Javascript and robotic in the real world seems like a great book and I would like to try the exercises in it when I get the time.


freeCodeCamp Intermediate & Advanced Front End Projects

I completed freeCodeCamp Intermediate & Advanced Front End Projects – they’re absolutely my favourite part of the course. There’s 4 projects utilising APIs from Google Maps, Twitch, OpenWeather and Wikipedia. Also, 4 projects that’s simple games or tools – Pomodoro timer, Calculator, Tic tac toe and Simon game. If you’d like to take a look at the mini apps and games I’ve completed, view them in my portfolio.


freeCodeCamp Algorithms

I’ve finally completed 37 freeCodeCamp basic and intermediate algorithms. Initially I didn’t like solving algorithms as much as writing code and building something that I can see. However algorithmic reasoning skills helps a ton when building apps.

I was stuck when I got to intermediate algorithms so I read Eloquent JavaScript and did some Treehouse tutorials. When I got back to it, I managed to solve them a lot more easily and really got in the flow.

There’s still advanced algorithms to complete, I hope to practice and more practice. Although I hope that I don’t ever have to solve algorithms on a whiteboard. It was stressful trying to solve Ruby algorithms at TechLadies in the presence of our mentor. I probably like take home algorithm assignments better 🙂

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